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SynTsize Pump | SynTech Nutrition

Price €54.90

SynTsize Pump from SynTech Nutrition is an all-in-one pre-workout product of the latest generation. SynTsize Pump has high doses of active ingredients and contains 2g of BCAAs per serving that maintain amino acid levels during training.

Anabolic Protein Selection 900g | Peak

Price €26.95

Anabolic Protein Selection 900g from Peak consists of soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey protein hydrolyzate, as a result of this composition this shake is very quickly absorbed. In addition, this supplement was enriched with the free amino acid L-leucine (5%).

Crossfit Pull Up Bar indoor

Price €139.00

Crossfit Pull Up Bar indoor from Muscle-Power is a popular pull-up bar among cross fitters. Off the wall and wide model. Great training of the back muscles, abs, arm muscles and shoulders with your own body weight. You can also use this chin-up bar in combination with power bands and TRX functional trainer.

SynPro Whey | SynTech Nutrition

Price €34.90

SynPro Whey is an “instant whey” protein of excellent quality. It consists of a whey protein isolate and a whey protein concentrate. SynPro Whey is rich in BCAAs and glutamine and low in fat. It is quickly absorbed by the body and has a high bioavailability.

Aesthetic Mass | SynTech Nutrition

Price €74.90

Aesthetic Mass from SynTech Nutrition has been specially formulated for hard gainers who are fine-tuning everything to achieve a great athletic body that is both massive and aesthetic. Aesthetic Mass contains a combination of all important mass packer ingredients: whey proteins with maltodextrin, creatine, ZMA and a vitamin blend.

Cookies | Blackfriars

Price €14.95

Cookies from Blackfriars are extremely tasty biscuits to treat yourself with as a snack. These cakes contain 3 grams of protein per cake. The taste and bite of these biscuits are a real treat!

Smart Bar

Price €24.95

Phd's Smart Bar was one of the most bought protein bars in 2018 due to its industry-leading taste and texture. This bar contains the perfect macros, 20g of protein per bar and less than 2g of sugar. A bar that is too tasty not to take in between!

Hellburner Hers | Peak

Price €22.95

Hellburner Hers from Peak is a fat burner specially tailored to the needs of women. The powerful nutritional formula consists of a total of 17 main substrates, which are composed of selected plant extracts, targeted doses of stimulants and other co-substrates. Because of its unique composition, Hellburner Hers is ideal for use in nutrition and fat loss phases.

SynPro Matrix | SynTech Nutrition

Price €69.90

SynPro Matrix is ​​a powerful Time-Release matrix of fast, intermediate and slow protein fractions: 3 types of whey proteins (whey protein hydrolyzate, isolate and concentrate), egg albumin, soy protein isolate and micellar casein. The gradual digestion of the different protein fractions creates a continuous supply of amino acids.

SynFlex | SynTech Nutrition

Price €26.90

SynFlex from SynTech Nutrition is a high-end formula for connective tissue (component of bones), ligaments (which serve to hold bones together at the joints), tendons (which connect muscle to bone) and cartilage (which connects bones and is found in joints and intervertebral discs).

Combat Gear Shin Protector SE Black/Gold/White | Super Pro

Price €59.95

The Protector shin guards from Super Pro are made of a sturdy PU, which makes the shin guards durable. The preformed padding is very sturdy and safe and thus ensures optimal protection. At the back are two Velcro closures that ensure that the shin guards stay in place, together with the elastic at the foot. The shin guards are CE approved.

L-Glutamine | SynTech Nutrition

Price €22.90

L-Glutamine is considered a semi-essential amino acid because in certain circumstances the body cannot produce enough glutamine to meet its needs, such as for athletes. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid and participates in many important physiological processes in the body.

Vegan Protein Isolate
  • Online only

Vegan Protein Isolate | Peak

Price €14.95

Vegan Protein is the herbal alternative for the delivery of high-quality proteins from Peak Performance Products. The matrix combines rice protein isolate and pea protein isolate, two of the most effective plant protein sources.

Aesthetic Whey | SynTech Nutrition

Price €66.90

Aesthetic Whey has been specially developed for athletes who want to "shape" their bodies and work on a great aesthetic physique. Aesthetic Whey combines the two main supplements: Whey Protein and Creatine, supplemented with Zinc.

Aestr-X | SynTech Nutrition

Price €34.90

Aestr-X from SynTech Nutrition is a powerful pre-workout specially formulated without creatine and carbohydrates. Some athletes do not want creatine in their pre-workout as they already take it separately or are in a “cycle-off” phase.

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