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Rowing Machine Eight Black | Augletics

Price €3,199.00

The AUGLETICS rowing machine "Eight" is THE high-tech innovation on the market. Its innovative features and compact, space-saving design make it truly unique. Thanks to the integrated transport rollers, you can easily move it to a corner of the room and it can even be folded to save space.

Water Stream water rower |...
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Water Stream water rower | Hammer

Price €999.00

The Hammer Water Stream water rower provides you with a perfectly realistic rowing experience. The natural resistance of water provides an authentic rowing movement during your highly effective cardio and strength training. The resistance is extremely even, making the training very entertaining. The sound of the sloshing water has a meditating effect, causing the training to fly by. After training, you can easily fold and store this rowing machine by means of the transport wheels.

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Price €1,499.00

The Finnlo AQUON WATERFLOW for an exclusive and authentic rowing experience

Patented resistance technology and impressive water power
Finnlo's premium rowing machine combines an effective full-body training with an innovative resistance technology based on water power. This unique combination ensures that you can burn maximum fat during your training. The rowing movement you make during training activates no less than 80% of all muscles in your body. Thanks to the patented flow resistance with which you can choose from four different positions, you can choose your own favorite position to match your current fitness level.

AQUON Evolution | Finnlo
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AQUON Evolution | Finnlo

Price €1,099.00

Bring the fantastic, true-to-life feel of your favorite gym rower to your home with the Finnlo Aquon Evolution!
This beautifully designed air rower from Finnlo offers you everything you would expect from a rowing machine, at a very favorable price.

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Price €1,599.00

A first-class rowing machine for users who demand the absolute best from their fitness equipment. The new Aquon Pro rowers are used by professional Olympic rowing champions! Simply adjust the resistance via the handles to continue training properly. The Finnlo Aquon rowing machines are comfortable and very exclusive. Make use of the now famous Finnlo technology in which air resistance is combined with a magnetic braking system.

Power Rower PRO Rowing...
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Power Rower PRO Rowing Machine | Hammer

Price €599.00

The Hammer Power Rower PRO Rowing Machine is the ideal device for a balanced rowing workout in your own home. You no longer have to leave the house for a full body workout. Even up to a maximum user weight of no less than 110 kg, this rower can withstand so you do not have to worry that this rowing machine is not sturdy enough.

Rower Compact rowing machine with cylinders | Toorx

Price €229.00

If you have limited space for a fitness machine at home and are looking for an absolute best-buy in cardio training, the Toorx Rower Compact is the ideal rowing machine for you. In use, this rower only takes up 1.25 x 0.50 meters and when you are done rowing, you fold it up and the Rower Compact only needs 0.28 m2. You adjust the resistance via the cylinders and the display keeps track of your training values. Don't hesitate and start rowing so that you can finally achieve the figure you have in mind.

Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR8

Price €4,795.00

The Zero Runner is a hybrid of a treadmill and cross trainer so you get the best of both worlds - a true running motion without the strain on your joints. It's a powerful tool that gives runners more control over the force of the repetitive impact that can cause injury.

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