Are you available by phone?

Yes, many companies have chosen to shut down customer service these turbulent times (Covid-19). We have chosen to shrink but certainly not to close. Of course within normal office hours (9:00 am to 5:00 pm).

Keep in mind that we are not always immediately accessible, this of course because of the rules and their enforcement regarding Covid-19. Think of a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, disinfection of your workplace and working from home.


Customer Service 09:00-17:00 +31(0)85 - 06 05 006

How can I place an order?

Place your products in your digital shopping cart via the big black button (add to shopping cart). If you place the order with your Fit365 account, this will go even faster because we already know you. No account? You can also order without an account, but we will still need your details.

Would you rather speak to an employee? Then call customer service.

I want to change my address!

Have you ordered something that is sent to an incorrect address and have you not yet received a shipping confirmation? Pass it on to our customer service. Then we will see if we can still adjust the address of the shipment. When moving, you can easily change your address in your Fit365 account.

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